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    Default Vishal Nayak and Archana Taide 'cannot get their romantic timing right' in Qubool Hai; find out why.

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    Love is finally blossoming on-screen for Nikhat and Farhan in Zee TVís popular show Qubool Hai, produced by 4 Lions Films. Though Archana Taide and Vishal Nayak, who portray the characters, look forward to shooting more of the romantic sequences to add a new flavour to their track, they simply cannot get their romantic timing right.

    Aah, whatís wrong? Well, Archana and Vishal are so close buddies off the screen that they find it really hilarious to shoot intimate sequences for the show.

    Says Vishal, ďArchana is so boyish in her attitude, and I cannot imagine romancing her onscreen. Also, we have gelled very well as friends. So when we have to do an intimate sequence, the director ends up having a tough time, as either I or Archana usually bursts out laughing, as we find it odd. We usually get all our scenes perfectly right, and do not take more than one take. But wonder why we take time to get our timing right while romancing (smiles).Ē

    Ask Archana about the same, and she avers, ďI am a man in a womanís body. I have only male friends because it is very difficult for me to sit with girls and do the girly talks. Vishal and I have clicked very well, and we talk all nonsense that usually the boys talk. I guess because of that, he finds it very comic to shoot romantic scenes because he knows the Ďrealí me who is loud, mad and happy. He gets surprised when I play the character of Nikhat who is sober, quiet and sweet. Everybody on the sets have a laugh riot when we start to shoot our romantic sequences, because we cannot control our laughter. Having said this, it is fun as the scenes come out beautifully.Ē

    Thatís really sweet, Vishal and Archana!!!



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