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    Default Vaquar Shaikh's ‘tale of coincidences' between Qubool Hai and his real life

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    Talented actor Vaquar Shaikh as we know, essays the role of Rashid Ahmed Khan in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai (produced by 4 Lions Films). In other words, one can say that the actor was ‘destined’ to get this role as there are quite a lot of coincidences associated with his real life as well as reel life with respect to this show.

    Wondering what we are arriving at? Well, Vaquar has a daughter by the name of Zoya (who is 8 years old) and a son who goes by the name Ayaan (4 years old). Does this ring a bell, folks? Of course, as Zoya is the character name of the female protagonist in the show essayed by Surbhi Jyotir and Ayaan is another role played by Rishabh Sinha.

    This is not just the end to the coincidences… Vaquar’s real wife’s name is Shabnam and actress Shabnam Sayed essays the role of his wife in Qubool Hai. Wow, this is a coincidence that cannot happen to many actors.

    We got in touch with Vaquar to query him on the same, and he started with a laugh and said, “Yes, it is true that I have a son named Ayaan and daughter named Zoya. Shabnam is my wife’s name and to tell you more, I have an uncle who is very close to me named Rashid.”

    So how did the man react when he got to know of these co-incidences? “I got to know of it when I was being narrated the story line and concept. It came as a pleasant shock to me (smiles).”

    Does it mean that he took up the show for this reason? “Not at all. Rashid is actually one of the much-layered characters that I have got to play in these 9-10 years. I simply fell in love with the character and these co-incidences made the role more special.”

    How do Vaquar’s kids react when they see these co-incidences? “Well, they are very small to react. But when Rashid slaps Ayaan, my daughter Zoya does make a hue and cry at home that dad slapped Ayaan in the show. And when Katrina Kaif had the character name of Zoya in the movie Ek Tha Tiger, my son Ayaan asked me why Ranbir Kapoor did not have the name Ayaan in his movie (laughs).”

    The actor goes on, “Having said this, I have a big family and if you see, there are many more names in my household that are similar to the character names in the show. It is nice to be part of the show wherein many character names relate to names in my family. In fact, I have a group of friends who do not know the ‘ABC’ of television. And when they got to know about Qubool Hai, they asked me whether I have named my kids after the characters in the show. They do not know that when I named Zoya (8 years back) and Ayaan (4 years back), Qubool Hai was nowhere in the picture.”

    Indeed, a nice coincidence!!

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