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    Default Tanveer to order henchmen to kill Sanam; Aahil to come as a saviour in Zee TVís Qubool Hai

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    Viewers will witness a cute Aahil (Karanvir Bohra) Ė Sanam moment soon in Zee TVís Qubool Hai (4 Lions Films) when the former will save the latter in a rather dramatic way!!

    Yes, trouble will soon brew for Sanam (Surbhi Jyoti) when Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) will order her henchmen to kill her. The reason for this being that Sanam has got hold of Tanveerís deep secret.

    A source states, ďThe ongoing episodes have shown how Tanveer has been torturing Badi Ammi to get hold of a deep secret. The secret happens to be the age old will of the family. However, Badi Ammi would hand over the will to Sanam, and this will be when Tanveer would be hell bent on attacking Sanam to take the will from her.

    Tanveer will soon order her henchmen to get the will from Sanam, even if it means they have to kill her.Ē

    Tanveerís men will go after Sanam, and there will be major drama that will follow. After acquiring the will, Tanveerís men will bury Sanam alive in a graveyard.
    So what will happen to Sanam? Will she be saved?

    Well, donít worry viewers, as Aahil will save Sanam in a dramatic way.

    The source further says, ďA very cute sequence has been shot yesterday wherein Aahil will have his moments, and will save Sanam like a typical hero.Ē
    When contacted, Amrapali told us, ďThe coming week will see quite a lot of revelations. Yes, Tanveer will be forced to order her henchmen to go behind Sanam. But what happens later is for viewers to see.Ē

    Enjoy this Aahil-Sanam moment in Qubool Hai.



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