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    Default Sanam and Sunheri to meet in Zee TV's Qubool Hai

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    The moment that one has been waiting for is here.

    The twins Sanam and Sunheri, played by Surbhi Jyoti, will finally come face-to-face in Zee TVís Qubool Hai (4 Lions Films).

    The twins who parted at birth and till now never even had an inclination of each otherís existence will finally get to know about this secret.

    Sources share, ďSanam would be excited about the fact that she has a sister and would be eager to meet her.Ē

    As viewers know, Sunheri has a negative bent of mind with material needs, would be planning how to get Sanam out of her way.

    Amidst a lot of drama, viewers will get to see both the girls coming face-to-face for the first time. Sanam will be seen talking all about their childhood days to Sunheri and telling her what all have they missed not being together all their life.

    What would be Sunheriís response to all these emotional talks? Will Sanam and Sunheriís meet lead to some happy moments?

    We tried calling Surbhi but she remained unavailable.

    To know more of the drama stay hooked to this space.



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