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    Default "Sale" is a waste of time... I always shop in new arrivals - Rishabh Sinha

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    Hot and bindaas lad Rishabh Sinha is a typical Delhite and carries his attitude on his sleeves. He gained popularity from MTV Splitsvilla 5 and now he is seen as Ayaan in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai. He has an impeccable sense of style and he is the right person to take fashion lessons from. So without much ado… let’s hear it from the man himself. Read on…

    Fashion is: Fashion for me is comfort and style.

    Who chooses your clothes? Myself.

    Do you wear accessories? Yes, I like to wear bracelets and watches. In watches I like Tommy Hilfiger, Titan, Rolex, Fast Track and many more.

    Do you follow any brands? Yes I do… I like Zara, Diesel, Armani and Jack & Jones.

    Favourite shopping destination: In Delhi it is Emporio mall. In Mumbai everywhere… and out of India it is New York and Thailand for clothes. For jackets, it would be Europe and I also like wearing Italian shoes.

    Most expensive buy: Everything comes expensive these days. I wear jeans of more than 8k, shirts till 7k and watches are of 25k.

    Clothes you are comfortable in: Jeans and shirt.

    Favorite designer: I really don’t remember.

    Must-have in your wallet: Money, ATM card and my house keys.

    Favourite perfume: Azzaro perfume is my favourite and also I like Hugo Boss and One Million Dollar.

    Colour that fills your wardrobe: Red is my favourite and I also like wearing black and blue.

    Describe “Sale” in one word: Waste of time… I always shop in new arrivals.

    Currently your wardrobe is over-flowing with: With all kinds of clothes like ganjis, jeans, anti fit pants, shirts, T-shirts, jackets... pheww… list goes on…

    You have hardest time getting dressed for: I hardly take time to dress up. You tell me…how much does it take to wear your clothes?

    Any fashion disaster you have come across recently: mmm… I don’t really remember.

    If you had to choose a fashion era, which period will it be:
    It should be 70s and 90s. It was so classy. I loved women in flowy gowns and men in long coats. As they say, ‘old is gold’.



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