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    Default Racial discrimination damages a girl more psychologically than physically, says Archana Taide

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    Zee TV’s Qubool Hai, produced by 4 Lions Films is a multi-cast show with many characters playing prominent roles. The show has been successful in climbing the TRP charts and the makers have seen to it that they play upon every character and their respective stories. One such character that has gained prominence amidst the story of the leads Asad (Karan Singh Grover), Ayan (Rishabh Sinha) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) is that of Nikkhat, essayed by Archana Taide.

    We had a chat with Archana on why she took up a parallel lead role after essaying lead in many shows like Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Main Swarg (Colors) Maan Rahe Tera Pitaa (Sony TV) and I Love My India (SAB TV).

    Said Archana, “After performing three lead roles, I realized that it is not important for an actor to always play the lead. In television, character works and it does not matter whether you play the lead or parallel lead. Also, I wanted to make sure that all my days are not blocked with my new show, as I am presently enjoying the phase of life before my wedding. And that is when Qubool Hai was offered to me – a perfect character with lot of potential, with no hectic schedules that balances both my professional and personal life. I could not ask for more.”

    On playing Nikkhat, the actress stated, “Nikkhat is my second most favorite character (the first being Anmol in Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah). In real life, I am a very confident, bubbly person while Nikkhat is exactly the opposite of it. To get into her shoes was a difficult task initially, but I am happy that viewers like her track and can feel her pain. Many around me were apprehensive and felt that my character would go unnoticed in this hugely cast show. But I am happy that I have proved everyone wrong.”

    Do you think girls like Nikkhat with a dusky complexion face the wrath of life? To this, Archana opined, “Yes, lot of girls face problems due to their dusky complexion. I have been getting a lot of fan mails wherein girls have expressed their pains on being rejected due to their colour. Racial discrimination damages a girl more psychologically than physically. Girls tend to become more insecure and under confident.”

    So does it mean that you have gone through it yourself? “My skin tone is wheatish and in my teens I realized that guys always wanted to be with girls who are fair. Once my friend had cracked a joke on me by saying that if ever I have to take you home to meet my parents, I have to apply a lot of fairness powder on you to make you fair. I was deeply hurt and I happened to become conscious of my complexion from that day onwards. But as time passed, I overcame my insecurities. Coming into this industry, I realized that girls with wheatish and dusky complexion look more sexy and appealing. I would say dusky girls are indeed beautiful,” explained Archana.

    On asked whether her to-be partner Ashish Sharma has complimented her on her looks she immediately blushes and said, “I would love to answer this question. I am blessed to have Ashish as my life partner. The most beautiful thing that Ashish has ever told me is that he would have never proposed me if I would have been fair. He loves my skin tone and according to him, dusky complexion looks the best.”

    On the feedback she has been getting playing Nikkhat, Archana stated, “People love my character. It feels good when viewers like your work and consider you as an actor. All these encouragements give me an extra push to grow as an actor and do my job more beautifully.”

    Nice to know that you are enjoying playing Nikkhat, Archana!!!

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