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    Default "Even Karan told me that his fans will soon love me as Asad." - RaQuesh Vashisth.

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    Even as he promises that he will do his best and live up to the expectations of everyone around to maintain the popularity of Asad in Qubool Hai, the good looking actor RaQuesh Vashisth comes across as a honest person who wishes good for all!

    The news of RaQuesh Vashisth replacing the popular actor Karan Singh Grover in Zee TV's Qubool Hai drew quite a frenzy. The sudden development took everyone by shock and more so for the fans who admire Karan Singh Grover.

    Talking to us, the soft spoken actor RaQuesh Vashisth clears the air about how the show came to him and how his dear friend Karan helped him take the decision.

    How did Qubool Hai happen to you?

    Honestly, I was not looking for any work at all. In fact after Nach Baliye, I wanted to take a break and go on a longish vacation with my wife Riddhi (Ridhi Dogra Vashisth). However, it seems that God doesn't want me to stay idle for long and I am not complaining about it too! I have never ever planned anything. I totally believe in going according to what the Universe conspires for me and that is exactly how I felt when this offer fell in my lap.

    I got a call from producer Gul Khan and me and Gul wanted to work with each other since long. I was doing Maryaada Lekin Kab Tak? when she wanted me to be a part of one of her other shows which I could not do at that time. Talks were on but nothing materialized. And then suddenly everything fell in place this time round with Qubool Hai and finally we got an opportunity to work together.

    So what was your reaction when you first heard the news and that you will be replacing the main lead of such a popular show?

    When I first heard of the offer I was not too happy since it was an on-going show and I was replacing somebody which I never wanted to do. Even Riddhi didn't want me to do the show. It takes a lot of effort from the actor's side to make the character popular. As an actor and professional I would have to do that too but then there were many around me who convinced me.

    Karan Singh Grover who played Asad so far has said that he too called you to convince.

    Yes, Karan Singh Grover did call me to tell me that he cannot continue with the show any more. He also thought that since I fit the bill I should do it. Karan is a friend and I could not say no to him. Along with him the channel too convinced me and after a lot of thinking I agreed to it. I finally thought that a role is a role and an actor is an actor who has to sometimes take such decisions so I left everything to God and said that I can't deny destiny. The time is correct and when I have the good wishes of so many people I felt I was doing the right thing.

    How are you preparing for the role and the character?

    First, I have to understand where Asad in Qubool Hai comes from... he is from a huge family and his background, personal history, family history is something I have to have a knowledge of. I had seen the initial episodes of Qubool Hai but I had not followed it completely. Even now I don't get any time to watch it since I am not at home most of the times and busy with Nach Baliye. The creative team is guiding me as to how and what Asad is all about. I will start shooting from next week and I have many people supporting me which is a big relief. I am an actor who just follows the directions. One thing good about me is that I absorb really fast. I love challenges and I hope this one doesn't fall heavy on me. The show is successful and to fit into the character already played by someone else is a huge challenge.

    Do you relate to Asad's character? Any similarities?

    No, I am totally opposite to Asad. And as an actor whenever I have portrayed a character who is opposite of how I am it has worked. In real life I'm not that way so you will get to see a different side of my personality which is a lovely challenge. It actually feels good to play a personality other than your own on screen. I quite enjoy that as an actor.

    How will you manage Nach Baliye season 6 and Qubool Hai both?

    We have been consistent in our performances and getting good scores and me and Ridhi hope to maintain that. It is just couple of more weeks and I think we will be able to pull it off by giving our best. As I said I have still not started shooting for Qubool Hai but once I start even then I will concentrate on Nach.

    What do you think of the way Karan's ouster happened?

    As I said earlier Karan is my friend. Even though me and Karan have never interacted on a professional level but we have always been friends. I don't know what exactly happened in this particular case but as a co-actor I will support him since as actors we belong to the same community and also because I don't want to see the other side of Karan's personality since I have seen his good side.

    Karan has a huge fan following as Asad. Are you getting any reactions? Will the fans be able to digest the fact that he has been replaced?

    Karan's fans have taken his exit very badly. I know that since I am getting hate mails from Karan's fans and I think it is fair for people to go overboard with their love for him since he has been so popular and made the character and the show a hit.

    Any message for Karan's fans?

    I would like to tell them that it's not that I came into the picture on my own and if not me it would have been someone else who would have come in as Asad. It was entirely the channel's decision. Please don't hate me as I am here just as an actor to play a part and now that I am in the show I want it to do well since if the show ends it will affect the lives of many people who are dependent on it for a living.

    I hope to live up to Asad and take the show to a different level which is impossible but I believe that nothing is impossible. Even Karan has told me that his fans will soon like and love me in the character. All I can say is that I will give my best to live up to their expectations.



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