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    Default Karan Singh Grover fans continue campaign to bring him back to Qubool Hai

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    It's been about a fortnight since television hunk Karan Singh Grover (KSG) left the hugely popular Zee TV show Qubool Hai (4 Lions Films). But fans continue with their relentless campaign to bring him back, even though he has already been replaced by Raqesh Vashisth.

    The requests have not stopped coming ever since the news broke out that he and Qubool Hai were parting ways. The intensity of the KSG fans' campaign has increased even more now - with calls from shell shocked viewers from all over the world, begging, nay pleading, that something be done to bring him back.

    This campaign has managed to trend many a times on Twitter (one being #justiceforKSG) and they have also opened a Facebook page called Get Well Soon Zee TV, which is reflective of their anger and disappointment.

    Furthermore, they say they have also called up Zee TV helpline numbers and wept their hearts out. Said Priti Asya, a fan who is a part of the KSGians fan group, “We called them up many a times but they told us not to call anymore. We want KSG to get back in the show.”

    One of their mails read: “The show that had a Muslim background grabbed attention of all the viewers irrespective of age, we just could not get enough of AsYa’s unique story and the family saga that kept us glued to our TV screens. When AsYa’s first romantic background score, “Mitwaa ishq pe zor nahin” was played, we were spell-bound by the beauty of it and it soon made it to our mobile ringtones! We loved it all, Asad’s irritation at Zoya’s shayari and mischief..Zoya’s exasperation at Asad’s OCD habits..we loved their simple banters for no good reason. The sizzling on-screen chemistry of Karan and Surbhi was like no other we had ever seen before. Then came the rudest shock ever, the news of Karan Singh Grover’s exit from Qubool Hai broke like hysteria among fans.”

    We understand their pain. Such are the lovers of television shows and actors. Hence, we decided to carry the expression of their angst in this article. Just like we would do for anyone else - whether a channel or a producer or a director or a technician or an actor.

    We checked with a Zee official on the entire fan feedback and she said, “Nothing of that sort has come to us. May be they spoke to some wrong officials.”

    Our advice to this KSG fan group is: "There are times when you have to let go. Time is the best healer.

    Life is not about what you have lost, rather it is about what you have gained. Hold the memory of KSG playing Asad in your heart, treasure it, cherish it, even as you go on to watching his replacement Raqesh essaying the role. Change is the only constant. And even KSG would agree with us on this."

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