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    Default "My family has been very supportive": Surbhi Jyoti

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    We in talks with the lead actress of Zee TV's Qubool Hai, Zoya a.k.a Surbhi Jyoti....

    "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
    -C.S Lewis.

    Yes the above line holds true for the new comer Surbhi Jyoti a.k.a Zoya, of Four Lions productions' daily soap Qubool Hai on Zee TV. She took off with a great start in this industry to showcase her talent, portraying a challenging character in a beautiful show with a Muslim backdrop. We got in touch with this cute television actress to find out about her show and the reel and real Surbhi Jyoti.

    Here is what she said...

    How does it feel being a part of Qubool Hai?
    It feels amazing. The show is very unique and stands to be different from the other ongoing shows on television. After Heena, this is the only show having a Muslim background. The characters in the show are very challenging for each actor to play. We have taken the show to the modernized culture of Muslims.

    What have you to say about your character?
    I am getting a good response from the viewers for my character. It was very a challenging role for me to play. I am not a Muslim and playing a Muslim girl is a bit difficult too. But I am glad that my work has been appreciated. I feel the happiest when people think that I am Zoya in real life too. This shows that I am being able to do justice to my character in reel life. However I have a lot to learn yet.

    What has changed in your life after being an actor?
    There has been one major change in my life after being an actor and that is I have become very punctual which I wasn't before. Life has become much more disciplined. So all together good things have been learnt.

    As a newcomer how are you being treated on the sets?
    I am very pampered on the sets. As I am a new comer in this industry everyone on the sets is very helpful and supportive. I find myself lucky to get this show as a newcomer.

    Will you continue being a part of this show, if the script changes to melodramatic setting after a certain period of time?
    I have been attached to this show now, though it has just been a few months. I will certainly continue even if the show changes into a saga or a melodramatic script line.

    How close are you to your reel character?
    I am not very close to my reel character. Surbhi is not as messy as Zoya. I am very much sorted in my real life.

    Was your family supportive enough to let you play this character and take up this show?
    Yes, my family has been very supportive. I am the only one into the field of acting and my parents have also been supportive from the time I decided to get into the industry. They have always trusted me and have faith in me that whatever I choose would not be wrong. Especially my dad who has guided me through out.

    Which has been your most challenging scene till now?
    My most challenging scene was when I was put into the grave. I was too scared and was waiting for the shot to get over even before it started. The moment it got over, I breathed a sigh of relief.

    Surbhi Jyoti in few sentence?
    Very emotional and fun loving person. Very well know the value of people as well as things.



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