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    Default Should Dilshad of Zee TVís Qubool Hai move on with her life?

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    Rashid Khan (Vaquar Shaikh) inQubool Hai (4 Lions Films) may apparently seem to be one lucky man as there are two women in love with him- his former wife Dilshad (Shalini Kapoor Sagar) and his current wife Sheereen (Shabnam Sayed). He however canít return to Dilshad though he too is deeply in love with her.

    We asked Vaquar as to which woman he would like Rashid to be with- Dilshad or Sheereen? He replied, ďI donít think he has any reason to leave either of them. Both of them have been very sweet and have accepted him the way he is. However he obviously has to stay with one wife.Ē

    However, shouldnít Dilshad move on as after all Rashid and Sheereen have been living like man and wife for many years now and even have kids together? He jokes, ďIf you ask Rashid this question he wonít want Dilshad to move on as he is still very much in love with her. Nor would Dilshad want to move on as she is still in love with him. I can bet my cards on that she wonít.Ē

    However, Rashid was forced to leave Dilshad to protect her and not because he was an infidel husband. Nevertheless as of now both of them simply donít have a conjugal future.

    In such a scenario wonít it be a progressive sign if they showed Indian women moving on instead of moping on lost love? Shalini Kapoor Sagar who plays Dilshad feels, ďDilshad and Rashid had spent a lot of quality time in the past however they arenít together now. They both still care deeply for one another. Dilshad has quite accepted the fact that there is another woman in her husbandís life now. Her focus is however on her kids. So as long as he cares for her kids and they have mutual respect for one another, it is okay with her.Ē

    Point taken but shouldnít show makers depict a woman who is separated finding love again despite having children? It seems that on Indian television, viewers are more ready to accept a man remarrying but not a woman.

    Dilshad however is a very dignified lady who has never pursued her estranged husband. In fact she has purposely keeps quite a distance for him. Shalini elaborates, ďA woman should be at nobodyís mercy, so itís good that Dilshad conducts herself so gracefully.Ē

    Shabnam told us, ďThere are no shoulds and coulds in love. Only the two people who are in love know what is the best for them. Love follows the heart and not the head. However I can say for sure that if Rashid leaves Sheereen it will completely break her heart.Ē

    As viewers maybe we would like to see Rashidís reaction on seeing Dilshad getting emotional closer to maybe a highly attractive male friend. We do hope that the creatives wonít abide by the conventional way of Rashid returning to Dilshad after the death of Sheereen.

    For more updates on the show please keep watching this space.



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