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    Default "The consummation scene was just a part of Haider's revenge" : Mohit Sehgal

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    Playing a grey character of Haider in Zee TVís popular show Qubool Hai, Mohit talks about the motive of Haiderís consummation with Humaira.

    It seems that love is blooming between Haider and Humaira these days in Four Lions' popular show Qubool Hai on Zee TV as the two were seen consummating in the recent episode of the show. But there is some interesting twist in store for the viewers.

    We were quite inquisitive to know more about the same and hence contacted Mohit who tell us, "I think the story needed it because of the revenge track as Haider is trying to take revenge from Mamu (Tej Sapru). That's why the consummation scene had to be included and Haider had to do it. Right now it has happened just for revenge but later on may be Creatives will do something about it and then the love track might also happen. I really don't know what's going to be the next step of Haider because it all depends on the creative team. I get to know about the upcoming episode track on every single day."

    So, has Haider fallen in love with Humaira? Mohit replies, "In one of the scenes shot at Fatehpur Sikri, Haider feels something weird when Humaira hugs him and says 'I love You.' He should have been happy that his plan is working but he wasn't happy then and felt guilty about it. There only he gets some questions in his mind that why is this happening with me? He feels something about it but nothing is there in his mind."

    He further added, "People really liked the Agra track, the Fatehpur Sikri track and this track too where this consummation scene has happened because Haider wants to take revenge from his Mamu. People really loved it and they are liking my character too because it has too many shades and everyday he is doing something different. Sometimes he is romantic, sometimes he is evil and sometimes he is something else. It's a lovely and a challenging character for me to play. I am enjoying it."

    We also asked Mohit as whether Haider will continue with his plan of taking the revenge if he really falls in love with Humaira or not, this is what Mohit says, "He directly wants to take revenge from his Mamu and Mumani (Alka Kaushal) but he is trying to make them suffer indirectly through their daughter. If Haider will fall in love with Humaria then I don't think that he will leave Mamu and Mumani because whatever they have done to him was not to be forgiven."

    When asked Mohit about shooting for consummation scenes on Television, he told, "It was not that kind of a scene where one has to be so surprised! It was just a normal consummation scene and it was not a big deal for us because earlier also many shows have shot consummation scene. At the same time it's not comfortable for actors as well because you tend to feel awkward at times as it's not your partner. Whenever these kinds of scenes happen then we try to finish doing it as soon as possible in one or maximum 2 takes."



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