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    Default "Ayaan is everything a girl can ever dream about": Rishab Sinha

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    Rishab Sinha, earlier seen in Splitsvilla now plays a charming Casanova in Zee TV's Qubool Hai. We in conversation with this young sensation...

    How similar is the role of Ayaan's to you in real life?
    Ayaan is not very different from me. Obviously there are some differences and a lot of things that he does, I wouldn't do in real life. However it can be said that our soul is quite similar. So far Ayaan's character has been shown to have a heart of gold. He likes to become friends with everyone including strangers, especially girls. Ayaan loves to ride the bike too. He adores his family and his elder brother Asad and him are very good guitarists. Moreover, he sings a lot, is fun loving and a charmer. Ayaan he is everything a girl can ever dream about.

    Did you have to prepare to play this role in Qubool Hai?
    Yes, I used to go to Bandra and I would stare at women and start talking to them, so that I could get into the character of Ayaan. He is like over the edge and doesn't think twice before doing something. In fact he is fearless and not be scared of anyone or anything.

    You are working with talented actors of the television industry, how has the experience been so far?
    Everybody working in the show is a veteran actor. They have been so encouraging and it is a lot of fun to work with them. The best part is that everybody has been through the same phase in their career that I am going through currently, so when they look at me they look at their past and tell me where I am going wrong. Working with experienced people means not only absorbing their 10 year long experience but amalgamating it with your learning too. So when I am doing a scene with Vaquar Shaikh Bhaiyya, his experience, his dialogue delivery, diction, poses, looks, everything helps. If you go on a date with a guy who has dated 100 women it is more easy, he knows exactly what to do.

    In a very short time you have managed to get a big fan following, what do you have to say about this?
    Have I? Well this is just the love of fans and that is all I believe in, love is what I need, rest is upto God.

    Any interesting incident from the sets?
    Everything is interesting, the moment you walk into the set it is like a roller coaster, you are doing this and that, giving a shoot, eating food and jumping around, going for a break, sometimes we just go for lunch, sometimes directors are coming with cookies, chocolates. In short it is always fun. It never feels like you are working, it is like you are living it.
    As it is always said that something that involves a lot of fun never feels like 'work'. People always ask me why I chose acting. The answer is just simple, for me acting is my passion and not profession. Until my heart says I will do it because I always follow my heart.

    The car you currently have a crush on?
    Ford GT 903, I love it and the moment I get money I'll buy it.

    Would you take part in a reality show again if offered?
    It is the reality of the reality show is what bites.

    Message for your fans?
    It is very simple, I love you.



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