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    Default Archana Taide tweets, “Very few actors in television can really act”

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    Talented actor Archana Taide of Zee TV’s Qubool Hai gave vent to the emotions of many TV actors who have not been able to make it big in the TV industry with her tweet which read as follows, “Very few actors in television can really act. Others are just working on their luck n doing 9 to 9 job..sorry but harsh reality of TV.”

    When we called Archana to know her take on her tweet, she probably seemed to be in a different mood and added that we should not read too much into it and that she does not mean that bad actors are ruling the roost.

    “The craft requires acting but there are very few talented actors who become successful. Sadly a large number of equally good artists don’t get that name and billing.”

    Her tweet seems to indicate that most others are just working for daily bread without any keen interest in the art of acting. Nevertheless, Archana we agree with what you say but wonder about your opinion on few big actors who might think grapes are sour for you.



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