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    Default "I am very much fascinated towards elephant" - RaQesh Vashisth

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    Handsome RaQesh Vashisth who was last seen as Asad shares his happiness in sculpting Ganpati Idol every year for his home.

    RaQesh Vashisth, who is loved and appreciated for his acting skills, was last seen in Zee TV's popular show Qubool Hai. The actor is very excited every year on the auspicious occasion of Ganpati as he carves Ganpati Idol all by himself every year for his home. Since childhood RaQesh likes sculpturing and molds the idol in whatever shape he wants.

    We got in touch with the actor to know more about his fascination towards the festival and immersing Lord Ganesha in a unique way.

    RaQesh Vashisth says, "I personally don't believe in worshiping any idol but Ganesha has some charm in him that inspires me to sculpt his idol every year while making it. It brings lot of positivity in me. I like sculpting Ganesha as it appears in different forms, he is the only one who is different in looks and he has some sweetness in him that inspires me for sculpting his Idol. Another reason that attracts me for carving Ganpati idol is my fascination towards elephants."

    "I remember I had gone to Pune once at my relatives' place and they were hesitant to call me in their house as they had the items of elephant all over. I have great fondness for elephants and in childhood I use to literally collect all elephant statues from everywhere and keep it in my room, the actor says.

    What special and different has Raqesh planned for his Ganpati this year, he avers, "I have made my Ganpati in a peppermints' color i.e. blue and silver and have made the decoration like Himalaya. So this time the theme for him is natural like 'Ganpati staying at Himalaya'."

    Talking about the way he prefers to do the Visarjan Raqesh says, "I have a water tub on the terrace, there I do the visarjan of my Ganpati. The immersed Idol it gets dissolved and turns into soil, I bury it in the nature. I believe in Eco-friendly Ganpati and so do I maintain it the same every year."

    It's nice to know your fascination Raqesh. Keep it up!



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