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    Default What will Vartika chose - illusion of perfect love or real happiness?

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    Does one have to succumb to the unreasonable pressure of “perfect love”? Vartika’s (Subuhi Joshi) life revolves around the struggle between a broken relationship with Apoorv (Mohit Tolani) and growing fondness for Ankur (Chirag Mahbubani), who happens to be Apoorv’s brother.

    Vartika, a young school girl is on cloud nine as the school stud, Apoorv proposes her. Everything seems to be perfect until one day when Vartika’s day dream turns into a nightmare. Her dream boy Apoorv, becomes extremely abusive and tries to take full control of her life. Vartika is shattered by this behavior and feels the need to share her disappointment with someone. She finds solace in Apoorv’s brother Ankur, who is mentally challenged. He is everything that Apoorv isn’t, despite his disability.

    The complications of human relations never seem to end. Will Vartika get attracted to Ankur? Or Will Apporv change his attitude towards Vartika?

    To know more about the future of this love triangle, catch the latest episode of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, Friday, 6th March, 2015 at 7pm only on Zing!



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