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    Default Will Tia and Raghav ever be united?

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    One can fight the entire world for true love. But, what if your own family and loved ones go against you? Tia and Raghav's fairy tale love story is soon to be crushed as their families oppose their relationship.

    Raghav and Tia, two college going students, meet for the first time during an inter-college competition and become friends instantaneously. Although in different colleges they keep in touch over messages and over a period of time they both develop feelings for each other. But, being in different colleges they find it hard to spend enough time with each other. Hence, Tia suggests that Raghav should move in with her as she stays by herself.

    Raghav's family is unaware of this development and are completely shocked to find out that Raghav is not staying in the hostel when they pay him a surprise visit. Furious with rage, his family reaches Tia's house and Raghav's father announces that he will have to quit his studies and join the family business. But, the biggest blow comes when his father also declares that he has already fixed Raghav's marriage with another girl of his choice. Raghav dutifully leaves Tia's house with a very heavy heart. Tia and Raghav are shattered and don't know if they can ever be together.

    Will they be able to fight the situation? Will Raghav and Tia's families understand their feelings?



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