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    Default Shakti Arora and Charlie Chauhan shoot 'hot steamy' scenes for Zing's Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

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    The recently launched show Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (Lost Boy Productions) on Zing has been creating quite a buzz with a lot of popular faces being roped in to present some passionate love stories.

    We have been constantly updating you with the names of your favourite stars in the show, and here we present you with two more actors. The very cute Shakti Arora and the bubbly Charlie Chauhan will be seen in the upcoming episode of the show.

    The story will depict Shakti playing a teacher and Charlie being his student. The young chick will fall in love with her perfect well-behaved teacher and the two will share an intimate relationship. But soon she will find out the truth behind this innocent garb and how they both deal with the situation will be for the viewers to see.

    We also got to know that Charlie and Shakti shot steamy scenes for the episodic. Must watch, we say.

    Talking on the same Shakti laughs, “The story is a beautiful one where two normal people who have no criminal records in their life will react to difficult situations. As for the romantic scenes, well yes it was funny since I haven’t done anything like this before. Both I and Charlie kept joking about it to lighten up the situation since we both were quite uncomfortable with it.”

    Charlie echoes her thoughts and adds, “We kept joking that we both will have a break--up after our partners would see the episode. It was hilarious as we were laughing our hearts out while shooting for the close moments. Apart from this, as an actor I was really excited for I have got to do some really challenging scenes. I hope viewers enjoy it.”

    Way to go!!!



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