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    Default Paras Arora, Priyal Gor and Akshay Sethi in Zing's Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

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    Zing’s popular show Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (Lost Boy Productions) that presents love stories with a twist is all set to touch viewers’ hearts once again with a very interesting tale in its upcoming episode.

    The episode will feature Mahabharat’s much appreciated Abhimanyu, Paras Arora and the bubbly and vivacious Priyal Gor playing the leads. Also talented actor Akshay Sethi will be seen as the negative lead, playing Priyal’s brother.

    Based in Punjab, the episode will have Paras playing Sumer, a guy working in a dhaba who will be an amazing singer. Priyal’s character Zohra will visit the dhaba quite often and will be mesmerized by his voice and fall in love with him. Sumer initially will ignore her but with Zohra being persistent; she will finally fall for her charm.

    And soon all hell will break loose when Zohra’s brother Sohail (Akshay) will get to know about this love affair. With him forcing Zohra to get married to a guy of his choice, the girl would elope with Sumer to Delhi.

    But soon, Sohail will find them and bring them back to Punjab and what follows will be a shocking end to a beautiful love story.

    Talking on the same, Paras shares, “I have never been keen on doing episodics but I thought I should give it a try. It has been a different experience. Yesterday we shot for the fight sequence where I had to shoot in rains and puddles. I am someone who never says no to my director and thus am down with cold and fever now.”

    Priyal who has become an ‘episodic queen’ adds, “I am happy doing episodic as it gives me a chance to try something different all the time. Here, for the first time I am playing a Muslim and wearing the nikaab. It’s surely a fabulous experience working with this young team.”

    Akshay on his part said, “I started my career with a negative role and have been doing quite a lot in episodic too. I enjoy working with Vikas Gupta’s team as they believe in changing the usual trend on TV. Till I get something really interesting on daily shows I can enjoy doing such shows.”

    Creative Head of the show Saurabh Arora added, “The episode will start off in a sweet note but will end in a tragic note.”

    This particular episode will air shortly.



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