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    Default Will Love Empower -Surpass Truth?

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    Watch Abhimanyu’s struggle for his true love, this Friday, 5th December, 2014 only on Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

    It is said, you find true love only once in life. Abhimanyu (Kiran Srinivas) has found his in Neha (Swati Semwal). He is determined to go to any extent to win her over. But, will he succeed in his quest or not is yet to be discovered.

    Despite his politician father's persistent request to join politics, Abhimanyu manages to convince him to give him a fair chance to follow his dreams, explore opportunities in Mumbai! As always, the city is full of surprises, as Abhimanyu meets Neha, a medical student who works for the up liftment of the poor and needy.

    Abhimanyu is completely floored by Neha's simplicity and sets on a mission to please her and during this course, keeps his political background well hidden. Slowly but surely, his feelings towards her take over, putting him in a fix as he doesn't want to lose Neha at any cost. What will Neha's reaction be, when she finds out the truth?

    Will Neha accept Abhimanyu after knowing his family background? What will Abhimanyu do to convince her?



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