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    Default Love or Career - What will Mehak sacrifice?

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    Watch Mehak juggle between her professional and personal choices, this Friday, 10th April, 2015 only on Zing's Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya...

    It is said that bigger the aspirations, greater the challenges. Mehak is soon to face the dilemma as she is forced to choose between her dream of being an actress s and her love life. She will have to let go of one to achieve another - what will be her decision is yet to be known.

    This story is about two sisters with strikingly different personalities, Tanya and Mehak. Both are like poles apart in every possible way. Mehak is a beautiful girl with an outgoing personality while Tanya is an introvert who prefers to be in her own cocoon. Mehak believes in dreaming big and wishes to be an actress. She is working hard to achieve her goals but a marriage proposal from the most eligible bachelor in town, Aryan, makes her change her mind. Aryan is totally smitten by Mehak whereas Mehak is reluctantly going with the flow. Tanya who is a silent observer of these developments fails to understand what's on Mehak's mind.

    Will Mehak give up her dreams to marry Aryan? Is she hiding something from everyone? What will be Tanya's role in this story?



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