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    Default Hosting Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya gives me an opportunity to be myself- Surbhi Jyoti

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    The very pretty and bubbly Surbhi Jyoti, who is starting a new tenure as a host in Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (Lost Boy Productions), is really excited to bring the real Surbhi on board, putting behind her characters Zoya and Sanam from Qubool Hai.

    Here we bring you an exclusive conversation with the girl on her new job as a narrator.

    “Before I moved to Punjab, I was an RJ and hosting is nothing new for me. Also during my college days I was always anchoring in festivals and thus when I was offered the role of a narrator in this show, I jumped at the opportunity as it brings back all my old college memories,” Surbhi shares.

    When asked how different both the jobs are she says, “Acting and narrating are completely different; there is just no comparison. On the sets of PTKK I am myself; I narrate each story in such a way in which the viewers are connected to the story, background and characters. I am really enjoying this as I love experimenting and challenging myself. I am grateful to have this opportunity.”

    As a narrator since her job is to keep viewers connected, does she give her inputs to the creatives or does she go blind-eyed to their call. “Each episode is very exciting and has a different plot. While I read the script on set sometimes I am taken aback with the extent to which lovers will go to save their relationship. Hence, as I read I really connect to the story and I portray all real emotions. It’s basically a team job,” Surbhi admits.

    Hosting a show that’s all about love, we wondered how much does the girl believe in love? She confesses, “Well, to be honest I am not a die-hard romantic. Some of the stories in the show actually surprise me as I would have never even thought of going through so much for love. Now I definitely believe love makes life very exciting and gives the strength to take bold steps with confidence, which otherwise would seem very improbable.”

    The show portrays how crime can also be looked upon with sympathy. Talking about it, she avers, “It is a love-fiction genre and it’s a first of its kind. What interests me a lot in addition to the stories is the format of the show. Being open-ended, it leaves the viewers with the choice to decide on the climax. And I am sure that it will appeal to youngsters as they love making their own decisions.”

    Strangely Surbhi has not been part of any episodic based shows yet. Defends the girl, “Sometime in future I would love to be part of such shows for sure, but right now I have a really packed schedule that I barely have time for myself.”

    The two shows (Qubool Hai and Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya) that the girl has in her kitty have a very different theme, so which one does she enjoy more? “I am playing very different roles in both, so it’s not fair to compare it. But I am currently enjoying my time here at the sets of PTKK. The team is also very young and it’s fun to be around such varied individuals,” tells the actor.

    So after acting and hosting, what’s next that you will try? Surbhi with a smile replies, “I take one day at a time. So even I do not know what is next, but I am sure I will be as enthusiastic as I was when I took up both these shows. And I can also ensure that it’s going to be exciting not just for me but for viewers also.”

    We wish you great luck ahead!



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