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    Default Can Friends Be Lovers?

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    Watch Alisha’s quest for winning her love back, this Friday, 31st October, 2014 only on Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

    It is often said, people never know the true value of what they have till they lose it. Alisha (Pooja Bhamrah) is about to realize how much Saurabh (Gaurav Gurwani) means to her when he is gone. But, will she be able to win him back or not, is yet to be discovered.

    Saurabh, a young boy from a small town has recently moved to Delhi, with the hope of making a great career for himself. Like all newcomers, the aspirational lad is lost in the hustle bustle of a big city and his new life as a college goer. That is when Saurabh meets Alisha who holds his hand and helps him settle down. Saurabh can hardly resist falling in love with the intelligent and charming Alisha. While Saurabh is madly in love with her, she seems oblivious of his feelings. Saurabh finally musters courage and confesses to her.

    However she doesn't view him in that light and rejects his proposal. Saurabh obviously is shattered by Alisha's response but still continues to be good friends with her. As time passes, Alisha further drifts away from Saurabh and starts dating someone else. Rohit, who she thinks is her Mr. Right' shows his true colors soon and starts mistreating her. Hurt and disappointed, Alisha realizes what she has lost. She recognizes the value of Saurabh's true love and decides to win his love back.

    Will Saurabh forgive Alisha or is it too late? Will Saurabh and Alisha story have a fairytale ending?



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