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    Default Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani - 31st August 2011 Written Update

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    Alina takes the locket from Pia. She asks Pia to get a towel for her. In the meantime, Alina takes the locket to Jay in the dark.
    Jay gets the locket and says that he can now do the things he was thinking of. Alina asks him to leave Abhay alone. Jay scolds her and tells her to think about her mother for once.
    Misah meets with Kabir. Misha gives Kabir a gift, telling her to give it T as a gift. K said that they are not together. Misha of coruse laughs at this. They have some masti, Kabri chasing her. They talk about T, Misha offending her and K defending her. They said bye to each other.
    Pia is looking for who seems to be missing. She is outside, searching. A black cloak gets thrown over her. Pia gets kidnapped by someone. Meanwhile, Misha is passing by and she seems something strange. A guy is taking her into the back of the car. She wonders if the guy is taking an animal.
    Abhay is about to go for Pia. Chand tells him the he cannot go. His people are more important. They need to finish Dipu. Abhay refuses, saying no. Chand asks if it is Pia. He warns him he cannot do this. Abhay says no. Chand had said that he is the chosen one, he is the leader. Thus, he chooses Pia. Abhay elaves. Chand says he will regret it.
    Alina is pleading Jay why he is doing this to Pia. She is a nice girl. He also loves her. Jay says that sometimes he has to forget about love and recall his duty. Jay says that Dipu was right. She is naturally the clan leader but still, she is nothing like it. Alina says that is it because she doesn’t want blood and gory. What if vampires and werewolves become friends? Jay stops the car. He kicks her out of the car. Alina is pleading after him. Pia is struggling in the car. Abhay is running through the forest. Alina sees him. Abhay asks what she is doing here. Alina explains the situation. Abhay demands to know where Pia is and Alina says she doesn’t know. She finally says that perhaps she is in the coffin room.
    Dipu is checking her time. Vampires in cloaks are coming to Dipu. The superior vampires are among them. Dipu calls for the inspector, realizing they are coming. The police are frozen on spot as vampires pass them by. They come in front of her jail. Haseena reveals herself. Haseena tells her that she has waited a long time to find her so helpless. Haseena asks if she would do the same. Dipu hesitates. Haseena tells them to finish her.
    Abhay is in the candle lit coffin room. He gets a call from Pia. Abhay asks where she is. Jay speaks and Abhay realizes that she is in trouble. Jay threatens him with seven minutes, saying it is life in exchange of life. Jay informs him that Pia is fine right now but if Dipu is harmed, Pia will be harmed. Abhay agrees that Dipu will be returned. Jay says he will be waiting in the jungle.
    Dipu calls for help. The superior vampires perform magic on her, taking away her powers or life. Chand and Haseena watch.
    Abhay comes to Jay. He asks what he wants. Abhay asks if this is what he calls love. Jay says not to ask about love. Until Dipu is not returned, Pia won’t be either. Abhay checks the back and Jay helps him, saying that it won’t be so easy to find her. Abhay warns him not to hurt Pia. Jay says the he also doesn’t want hurt her but right now, it is a son standing in front of him. Abhay goes to get Dipu.Jay looks like he is frustrated.


    Abhay intervenes the ceremony of the vampires. He wants to get Dipu. Chand interferes. He says Abhay cannot choose Pia over their clan. (It seems Chand and Abhay might battle)



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