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    Default Pooja Kiven Aa Movie Review

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    Pooja Kiven Aa Movie Review

    Synopsis: Pooja Kiven Aa is a story of an NRI girl Pooja, who is in Mumbai to get her property back from a miser builder. In the meantime she meets three Punjabi boys who come to the city of dreams to explore new horizons and make a handsome living. Finding Pooja and her wealth as their fortune, the trio starts chasing her, to find she is already committed. It is a comedy of errors but offers a little laughter.

    Script Analysis: The story of the movie plays big role in success of the movie. Script is the foundation of the movie; and here it was the best. It is exactly a comedy of the dramatic world. Full Movie is of comedy. And the climax of the movie was beyond audienceís intellect.

    Directory and Music: It wasnít just the story, we have to focus in directions and music as well and in this case Pooja kiven aa is at best. Being her first movie it will be a learning experience for Nidhi but she will have to work hard for her upcoming projects. Music too was Good, there were some tracks really great.

    Acting: Speaking of acting! This was Miss Poojaís comeback movie after disappointing Panjaban and Chana Sachi Muchi, her looks were striking, but her acting was beyond expectation ! too good pooja. The charisma of her looks was last longing, her dialogue delivery was great. There was fluency in it. Lead actor Tarun Khanna too was a disappointment on screen. He tried his level best but still failed to tickle laughter out of audience. B.N. Sharma was good, he started off well but yes you canít make people laugh doing the same thing over and over throughout the movie (I count this as a directorís and scriptís mistake though). Sahil Bhardwaj and Raj Jhinger were the highlight of the movie. They both looked natural and kept the audience captive. It was Sahilís first movie, but he looked professional behind the camera. Rakhi Sawant was alluring in her item number, but there was a little problem with her lipsing.

    At Last: All in all, the movie is great a must watch family entertainment movie. It was a comedy , dramitc . Itís a thumbs up from our side




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