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    Default P.S. I Hate You to end on December 19

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    Viewers of Channel V's P.S. I Hate You will see something similar to the movie Garam Masala where Kabir's truth will be revealed.

    Channel V's P.S. I Hate you have recently gained popularity with the new twist in the tale by the makers, Kabir (Sahil Uppal) falling for Dimple's (Chandni Bhagwanani) sister Simple (Aashna Bhalla). Well, what next happens is something that will come as a shocker to the viewers.

    Our source reveals, "Earlier, viewers had seen Kabir leaving Ayesha (Rinki Singhvi) due to her dominance and fell in love with Simple. Soon viewers will see Kabir ditching Simple. Later, it will be revealed that Kabir is two timing with Ayesha and Simple. Co-incidentally when Ayesha is at Kabir's house, Simple too goes to his house to surprise him. To save himself from being caught he keeps Simple in one room and Ayesha in the other so that the two do not come face to face with each other. Basically, the story will be on the lines of the movie Garam Masala. Eventually in the further episodes, viewers will see Kabir's character turning negative."

    When contacted, Sahil averred, "Kabir called off his relationship with Ayesha and he is head over heels in love with Ayesha. However, he is two timing with both Ayesha and Simple. There is a reason behind this, but cannot disclose it at the moment."

    This surely is some drama that the viewers will want to watch.

    Well besides this, what next we have got to know is that the show which is all set to bid a final adieu to its viewers on December 19.

    When contacted Chandni Bhagwanani who has played a pivotal role, she says, " The experience has been really amazing with me getting an opportunity to play something of my age only. In Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Story, I played myself and in P.S. I Hate You, I got an opportunity to play hockey. I admit, this was a learning yet a difficult experience for me. I had to shift from Mumbai to Delhi and staying away from my family and friends was really very tough. Fortunately, people here in Delhi are very warm and friendly."

    "I do not think I can sit ideal; I will go back to Mumbai and start looking out for work. As of now, I have not got anything lined up but I will make sure that as soon as I reach Mumbai, I start giving out auditions. I am sure God has planned something good for me. And lastly, I would like to thank all my fans and audience for constantly showering me with their love, blessings and support," concludes Chandni.



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