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    Default Ayaan's 'Cinderella' quest in Channel V's PS I Hate You

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    With Channel V launching its new show PS I Hate You (Rose Audio Visuals and Niranjan Iyengar), a fresh and interesting storyline has kept the viewers hooked. And now in the coming episodes, audiences will get to see a fairytale sequence in the show.

    As seen some time back, Ayaan (Harshith Arora) had accidently kissed a girl in the dark and from then on he has been feeling attracted to her somehow. And soon he experienced a déjà vu moment when a girl kissed him leaving him clueless of her identity. Although Ayaan doesn’t know the girl, he has been sure that both the girls are the same and that he has some chemistry and connection with her.

    Now viewers will get to see that the girl is actually Dimple (Chandni Bhagwanani) who behind her boyish attitude hides her attraction towards Ayaan.

    Coming to the fairytale connection, Dimple would have left her sandal while she ran away after kissing Ayaan. Now the guy would be left with her footwear to find the girl he has lost his heart to.

    Shares a source, “Ayaan would post the pictures of the sandal in the college and ask girls to bring back the other pair and meet him on a date.”

    Ayaan will be bombarded with messages but somewhere Ayaan will feel that the girl is Dimple and head to her room. There he will find the other pair of the same sandal and confront her on the same. Dimple would deny it confidently and say that she has no idea where the sandal came from.

    Will Ayaan get to know about the reality of Dimple being ‘his girl’?

    We spoke to Harshith who said, “It’s an interesting track where Ayaan doesn’t know who the girl is but he is sure that he is in love with her. How this confusion will create drama will be for the viewers to see.”

    Keep reading this space.



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