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    Default Twist In Preeto!

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    In Imagine’s Preeto, the protogonist (Ankita Sharma) has been trying hard to keep Rajbeer away from her. She even went to the extent of faking her marriage to Sunny (Shresth Kumar). just to get Rajbeer (Aditya Redij) and Simran (Pavitra Punia) close to each other. But in the upcoming episode, the secret of this fake relation will come out in the open.

    As seen in the earlier episode Dillon family was busy preparing for Neeta’s marriage. And now, the family will also celebrate the comeback of Biji. A reliable source reveals to us that Biji will get something for Preeto to wear now that she is married. However, Preeto will not know what to do because she is not married to Sunny in reality and the gift that Biji gets is meant only for married women. Though Sunny will intervene and save Preeto; Rajbeer, who will witness this incident, will get suspicious about their relationship.

    Furthermore when Preeto will enter a room, the lights will go off. She will sense someone’s presence in the room. Assuming it is Sunny, Preeto will thank him for saving her and not letting the secret out that they are not married. However, just at this moment, electricity will return and Preeto will be shocked as she had been talking to Rajbeer and not Sunny.

    We got in touch with Aditya who said, “Rajbeer is suspicious about Sunny and Preeto’s relationship but whether he learns about the truth or not is something one will have to wait and watch.”



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