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    Default Preeto to speak out 3 magical words

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    With the support of Biji, Preeto takes the giant leap in Sawaare Sabke Sapne- Preeto...

    Preeto has got permission from Biji for accepting and confessing her love for Rajbeer (Aditya Redij), forgetting all worries and living her own life. This has turned her life upside down and the atmosphere is now changing in Imagine TV's Sawaare Sabke Sapne - Preeto.

    But the million dollar question that arises is that when will Preeto (Ankita Sharma) let herself out and express her love for Rajbeer. Here's the answer to it.

    "As the family will gear up for Meeta and Pankaj's wedding, the show will see lovey-dovey scenes between Preeto and Rajbeer where in spite of many efforts, none of them would ever express their feelings for each other. But only on the day of the Roka ceremony of Meeta and Pankaj, Preeto will finally say the 3 magical words, I Love You, to Rajbeer and will express her feelings to him" ,adds the source.

    We contacted Ankita Sharma and she comments, "We haven't shot for such a sequence yet, so I have no idea of such things happening."

    But will this happiness last long for Preeto is to watch out for.



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