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    Default Preeto to sell her belongings for Neeta's wedding

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    In Imagine’s Preeto, the protagonist has always been immensely dedicated towards the needs of her family members. And in the coming episode she will again take some drastic steps with her sister, Neeta’s marriage to Pankaj just around the corner.

    The viewers already know that Preeto managed to get a big assignment for her boutique which will help her raise money for Neeta’s wedding. But the future episodes will bring in a shocker for the audiences. A reliable source tells Tellymedia that the boutique will be sealed by the government. And without access to her boutique, Preeto will find it difficult to complete the assignment.

    However, she will decide to finish the job somehow, but issues like workers demanding extra wage and no machinery will come up. In fact, when Preeto will ask for monetary help from her neighbors, she will be insulted by them. This will instigate her self respect and she will sell off her jewellery and scooty to collect funds for the machinery and workers.



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