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    Default Preeto - 31st August 2011 Written Update

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    Kanwal doesn’t see Dhruv and tells Ishu to come down soon. Kanwal leaves and Ishu turns to tell Dhruv to leave. Dhruv says he won’t leave unless he talks to her. Ishu says there is nothing left to say between them but Dhruv says that there are feelings that are still left and tells Ishu to look into his eyes and asks her if she feels his intentions are misleading or if he’s lying. He tells her he truly loves her and wants to marry her. Ishu says she doesn’t want to marry him, not now not ever. Dhruv asks her that soon he will have to leave and today she’s turning him away but she will soon look for him. He asks her if it will matter when she can no longer see him. Ishu doesn’t say anything but later tells Dhruv it won’t matter if he leaves or not. She leaves and Dhruv says he knows she is stubborn because she is Preeto’s sister but he is also an air force officer and he will ensure that she tells him what is in her heart.

    Preeto and Meeta are holding the ladder down and waiting for Dhruv. Rajbeer sighs and rolls his eyes for getting stuck in this madness. Dhruv comes down and on the last few steps slips and falls. Preeto and Meeta are concerned but Rajbeer tells Dhruv that he’s lost his mind. Preeto tells Rajbeer to support his friend and Meeta tells them not to argue. She asks Dhruv he’s okay because if he gets hurt Ishu will be mad at her. Preeto gets an idea from that and tells them all. Rajbeer says he doesn’t need an idea and he’s leaving. Preeto tells him she’s not charging him any money. Dhruv says there isn’t any harm listening to it as he’s got nothing to lose. They all listen to the idea and Rajbeer says it won’t work. He tells her Ishu wont fall for it. Preeto tells him that she’s the girl and she knows what works and what doesn’t. He tells her it won’t work, and Preeto challenges him that it will work and if she wins he will have to treat all of them. He says if he wins then she will do as he says. Preeto agrees but when they go to shake on it, she pulls her hand away. He makes a face and tells her that’s pretty trite. Meeta tells them that they should leave as their father will be home soon. Preeto and Meet ahead in and Rajbeer and Dhruv head off.

    The family watch TV as they wait. Preeto and Meeta notice that Ishu is lost in her own thoughts and Meeta asks Ishu if she’s thinking of someone. Ishu is saved from answering when her dad comes home. Gagan brings books for the kids from his first salary. Kanwal scolds him saying that she told him not to. He brings books for all of the kids and Kanwal asks him if he bought anything for himself. Gagan says he’s got their smiles that are reserved for him. Kanwal tells him he should have bought a new shirt and Gagan says that he doesn’t need a shirt he wears a uniform. Everyone is surprised and Gagan is worried but Preeto smiles and tells her father to stop teasing Kanwal and everyone thinks he was joking. Gagan hands his left over salary to Preeto who is touched but tells her father that by giving her the money he’s turning what she did for the family into gratitude when it was her duty. She gives it back to him and tells him that money looks good in elders hand and elders hand should only be there to give blessings.

    Gagan is touched by his daughters words and Kanwal looks proud. Preeto tells Gagan that he should give the money to Kanwal as she is the fortune for the house and in her hand money will double. Both parents are moved to tears and the family share a tender moment before heading for dinner.

    Next morning the phone rings and Preeto and Meeta exchange knowing looks. When Ishu comes running down ot answer the phone both pretend to be very busy and Ishu answers the phone. The person on the phone tells her that Dhruv got into an accident and he wanted to see her. Ishu is distraught and tells the person she’s coming soon. Preeto and Meeta inquire why Ishu is distressed but all Ishu says is that she has to go to him.

    She leaves and Preeto and Meeta smile that the first part of their plan is working. Ishu rushes to the hospital and is in tears worried about Dhruv. When she sees his conditions she is troubled and goes close to him and tells him to open his eyes. She says she is sorry for being rude. She tells him that she will do anything he asks her. She tells him that she wants to hear him talk as she has become used to his chatter and tells him that she does love him. Dhruv smiles and opens his eyes telling Ishu that if she’d said this earlier he wouldn’t have had to wrap so many bandages. Ishu is relieved but at the same time confused. Preeto and Meeta barge in happy that Ishu finally admitted her feelings. Ishu is upset when she finds out that it is all a joke and leaves. Dhruv asks Preeto to help him down and chases after Ishu. He stops her from leaving and kneels in front of her. He tells her she lied to him about her feelings as well. He tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her. He tells her he doesn’t know when she became his life but without her he feels incomplete.

    Ishu is touched and accepts that she loves him but she says she can’t marry him because she has a responsibility towards Meeta. She tells Dhruv that if she gets married before Meeta then people will taunt her and pick faults when the truth is that her sister has no faults. She says she can do anything for her sister’s happiness.

    Meeta comes and asks Ishu if she is willing to do anything for her happiness. Then she tells Ishu to accept Dhruv’s proposal. She tells Ishu that if she refuses the proposal then she will be hurting Meeta more than she will be hurting Dhruv. Meeta tells Ishu that she wants Ishu to accept the proposal when Dhruv’s parents bring the proposal. Ishu agrees and Meeta and Ishu hug both in tears. Dhruv is moved by seeing the love and has tears in his eyes too and Preeto tells him not to worry as it is a family condition and when one cries the other automatically follows. Dhruv says before he catches it he wants to treat them all. Preeto says he doesn’t have to treat them but hte loser will treat them and she says she will go give the news to Rajbeer.

    She is surprised to see him outside the hospital and tells him that he lost. She tells him that Ishu and Dhruv are together now. Rajbeer comments that for now but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Preeto is upset by Rajbeer’s negativity and gets angry that he would say such a thing about her sister’s future. She tells him that she can’t expect anything better from him considering he talks to his own father so rudely. She tells him that she didn’t know that he has nothing but bitterness for people in his heart. She leaves angry and Rajbeer looks upset at the mention of his father.



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