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    Default Preeto - 28th September 2011 written Update

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    Alright the episode begins where it left off yesterday with Rajbeer bringing back Preeto's sandal and placing it in front of her foot. They share a long eyelock while Teri Ore plays in the BG. Lights come back on and they both come out of their trance. DJ changes the song to Desi Girl and Jassi-Jogi (JJ) start shaking legs on the groovy number. Everyone is enjoying and the Dhillon' come out to watch as well. Then, JJ get aside and the dance floor is taken over by Dhruv-Ishmeet, followed by Preeto-Rajbeer (looks like Ankita can't get away from dancing on this song, what say guys? ) The dance ends with everyone having a gala time and a huge round of applause.
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