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Thread: Her Wonderland

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    Her Wonderland

    She’s alone
    No one their to help her
    To hear her silent screams
    In a dark hallway
    Walking a endless trail
    She stops
    Frozen staring at a door
    It was not there before
    Slowly her feet start moving
    No sound but the thump of her feet
    The door opens
    She’s frozen again
    A guy stands in the door
    Holding his hand out to her
    Beckoning her to come with him
    She hesitates
    He was glowing with a faint golden light
    The light was coming from behind
    She could see a wonderland
    Full of life and light
    He stares at her
    His hand still reaching for her
    She walks toward him
    Her feet shuffle as she walks
    She takes his hand
    And starts to walk into her wonderland
    But stops halfway and looks back
    She takes one last look at the darkness behind her
    And steps into the light into her wonderland

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    nice dude

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