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    Those bíful unknown eyes,
    to which I was a stranger,

    I found some sadness today,
    On her face,
    But m unknown to her,

    She is far away from me,
    Never ever to come near,
    But still her eyes are looking to me,
    But I m still unknown to her,

    There was a sound of her breath
    Deep in my heart,
    But I still unknown to her,

    Love can leave a mark,
    But thatís no cause to stand apart;

    It was just love at first sight,
    I looked deep into those unknown eyes,
    I saw 'ocean of love' in
    Those unknown eyes

    Now m not unknown to her
    She is mine
    N mine was her,
    Never ever to swindle again,

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    thanks alot for sharing!



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