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    Default Try to Find & let Them know that Person

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    Be WiTh The OnE WhO MaKeS YoU HaPpY,
    ThE OnE WhO MaKeS YoU SmilE,
    ThE OnE that MaKeS YoU Laugh,
    ThE OnE WhO each day is worth while,
    LiVe YoUr life for the moment,
    TrY hard to make it last,
    BeCauSe life so short,
    It goes by so fast,
    So when you find your true love,
    DoN't let it slip away,
    HolD it forever,
    AnD cherish it each day,
    As long as your HaPpY,
    ThAt Is WhaT YoU ShouLd Do,
    LovE that someOnE & Let them know,
    BeFoRe YoUr life is ThoUgh.
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