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    Default its time to motha ****in move on*

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    Maybe they are right
    Its time to just let it go
    I made a mistake
    ..Donít remind me..I already know

    Ive sat here..
    Several Nights & Days
    Wishing I could turn back time
    ...Rewind back to the times I managed to stay

    I miss you,
    More than words could ever explain
    I still want you,
    Being without you, has made me insane *

    But I know,
    Iím too little too late
    I guess this is how its meant to be,
    ...You cant outrun fate

    I guess I have to live with that,
    ..The pain will fade away
    Hopefully, Ill learn to forget
    ..Iím going to start today

    Iím going to run free,
    Of theses memories
    No longer shall I look back,
    To what we really had

    Ive gone over board,
    The place of no return
    Ill find my scattered heart
    ...Love..eventually reborn

    Maybe they are right...
    Its time to move on*



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