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    I've told u just now that you're special. but u ask me "special in wad way".
    there's a lot of things tat make u sensational.
    more than just one simple way.

    but to make it short I'll list a few
    the main ones that i see in u
    its up to u to believe wad i say
    eventually you'll understand 1 day

    being kind is one of you're nature
    kind and considerate in one big picture
    you'll always there wen people have trouble
    to pick them up from a pile of rubble

    being sweet is so easy for u
    just a smile will always do
    to make my day in a blink of an eye
    all u have to do is just to smile

    never give up what ever is in your path
    you'll cut any kind of problem in half
    being resilient drives u 4ward
    always look ahead & never move backward

    lending your shoulder and ears to me
    whenever i need them there you'll always be
    u never fail to make me laugh
    esp in the moments when times r tough.

    i honestly believe all these r for real
    i sincerely believe and its how i feel
    believe it or not all of these are true
    these are things which r special in u

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    Quote Originally Posted by arslanstranger View Post
    most welcome ...

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    it really helped me to get back my EX- GF so thannnx!!! alot
    !!! KILL BULLIES !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersiddh View Post
    it really helped me to get back my EX- GF so thannnx!!! alot
    ohh reallyy aww that's great and congrats



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