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    Finish a scene
    And she's walking out
    Rewind your life
    And delete your doubt

    Make me break me
    Pause my hate
    Movies starting
    Don't be late

    Press play
    And my heart beats
    Fast forward the tears
    As he walks the empty streets

    The writer wears a mask
    To cover the pain
    He gets his inspiration
    From walks in the rain

    My life sits still
    Stays on standby
    The writers so far gone
    Fear not for he's going to die

    Shout all you want
    Your cries won't be heard
    Select a scene
    And skip over his last words

    That's it, credits rolling
    Who sang the last song
    And she's not coming back
    All because she was wrong

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    thanks alot

    keep it upp
    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz



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