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    Default Youíre Not Alone

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    I know that you are hurting, so Iím asking God above
    To heal your broken heart, and give you peace.
    I pray youíll feel the comfort of His everlasting arms,
    Enfolding you with healing, sweet release.

    Because I know He feels your pain, and even saves your tears,
    I pray your weeping soon will turn to joy;
    And that you will be free from all the irksome little things
    That oftentimes embitter and destroy.

    I ask for you the strength to face whatever comes to pass;
    That youíll not be discouraged or depressed.
    But as you wait upon the Lord, youíll feel a strengthened heart,
    And He will calm your fears, and give you rest.

    Remember that youíre not alone, and you are dearly loved,
    And you have many friends who truly care;
    Who want to help you lift the heavy burden on your heart,
    And constantly remember you in prayer.

    By Betty Jo Mings



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