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    Thumbs up poetry game for all

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    Hey guys.....

    i have one idea to start bait baazi here on...hope u will co-operate

    Rules of Bait Bazi:

    1. Shair should be genuine and not your own. (doesnt matter if it's funny or serious)
    2. Dont break the chain and always follow the last letter of the last posted shair.
    3. Always mention the last urdu alphabet of your shair.
    4. If you know the name of the poet, mention that (for other's knowledge sake).
    5. Do not write out the whole ghazal/nazam; only two shairs (i.e. first four lines) at max will be allowed.
    am going to start of with
    Ek Naam Kya Likha Tera Saahil Ki Rait Par
    Phir Umar Bhar Hawa Se Meri Dushmani Rahi

    Next is I

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