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    Lightbulb Nobody!

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    It's gone
    What's gone? My mind?
    Soul? No, I'm fine
    Not really
    Deep inside, something is missing
    The love and tender kissing
    She walked out herself
    Now all I do is talk to myself
    in the mirror, with my reflection
    My heart is dead
    Soon it will make a resurrection
    Once the wounds heal
    And I'm loved for real
    A type of love I can feel
    But nobody loves me
    Nobody cares
    Nobody loves me
    That nobody is me
    I can't love myself because no one does
    I'm all alone and no longer what I once was
    But the only thing that keeps me alive
    Is knowing that the next day, it might all change
    For the best
    And that "nobody" becomes somebody



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