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    Default Last night’s dream

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    with my eyes closed,
    into the darkness of night,
    I felt a hand trying to
    slowly wake me up;

    through the dark,
    I saw you smile
    and felt my heart
    beating like never before;

    you look into my eyes,
    tell me you love me,
    and for a moment time stood still
    as I held you in my arms;

    and when I finally kissed your lips
    I felt like I could breathe again
    I knew I had another chance
    to make things right in my life;

    with the fears of yesterday chased away,
    thoughts of you fill my senses and
    dreams of only you and me
    start to fill my night;

    as the world watches in envy,
    the feeling of falling asleep in your arms
    and waking up in your embrace
    makes me forget every little problem in life;

    as the first rays of the day stream in,
    I only wish when I open my eyes,
    from last night’s dream, you and me
    become a reality and not just a dream!

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    Thanks for sharing

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    nice dream yaar



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