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    Cool Love, I have for you...

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    Love, I have for you
    Kindness, I share with you
    Gentleness, I give to you
    Friendship, I hold with you
    Joy, I feel about you
    Forgiveness, I hold true
    Togetherness, I'll be with you
    Tenderness, so true to you
    Happiness, when I'm with you
    Humor, I laugh with you
    Patience, I wait for you
    Warmth, I'll stay with you
    Compassion, I'll show to you
    Respect, I'll give to you
    Loyalty, I am for you
    Love, I love you too
    Mixing feelings
    Mixing emotions
    Into a bowl
    Of my heart and yours
    Put them in a blender
    Spin it around
    Set on a plate
    For me and you
    I know we will be together
    For good times and bad
    I will always love you
    And always care for you too
    Let sit on the table
    For a lifetime or so
    And serve it for you and me
    I know this is special
    I know this is true
    This is the recipe
    For my love for you....!

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    thank u



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