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    Default A kiss on your cheek

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    Today late at night
    i stopped my assignments
    I turned out my book
    wish upon the stars
    i want to talk to u always
    I want to explore you
    mind–soul–and body–
    and not let it end.

    A kiss on your cheek....

    the wind blows through my hair
    I imagine your touch the thrill is exhilarating
    and leaves me breathless
    Sometimes I become frightened
    because I almost slip and tell you
    I fear your not ready
    i am not sure still you are
    so for now
    I will just pretend
    and continue to wish upon a star
    i am hyper when you are with me
    just i want to tell to the stars

    Why there is time zone
    why there is studies..
    i need only love
    a continuous love from you

    A kiss on your cheek....
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    Nice thanks for the share

    The meaning of the name Akili is 'Wisdom, intellect, sense'.



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