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    I'm sorry i hurt you so many times,
    i wasted your love as it were dimes.
    im sorry i told you all those lies,
    and never payed attention to those heartbroken cries.
    im sorry i never talked things out,
    but instead i would always scream and shout.
    its true you dont deserve me,
    you deserve much better.
    i realize now what i lost,
    and im sorry for what my lesson costs.
    i wanna change now for the best,
    so someday i can stand out among the rest.
    im sorry i never understood the way you cared.
    but now life without you makes me scared!
    im sorry for never joking around,
    and breaking your heart without makin a sound.
    i hope i can be with you again someday,
    but for now it seems such a long ways away!



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