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    All over the world, people celebrate Valentine’s Day as a symbol of love. But, do all of us know the underlying history. Don’t think so. Here is piece of information for all those who do not know the history. Higher percentage of people is in India when compared to other countries. For many, it is passion and for others it is flirting and for the last, it is expressing their love and living together.


    A saint by name St. Valentine married at the time of war. But, there were rules laid down by the Roman Emperor Claudius that no one should marry during the wartime. But, Bishop Valentine went against the Rules and performed many other marriage ceremonies also. Due to this, Valentine died on February 14th.


    St. Valentine is remembered with respect because he sacrificed his life to the Roman emperor Claudius. Nowadays, the day is celebrated in different countries with different traditions. So, lovers celebrate this day in the memory of him every year.

    There is also another source which says that at the time of his execution, St. Valentine had a visitor who handed him a note which had “From your Valentine” on it. It seems to be the original belief.

    What ever is the history and however people may celebrate, the most significant rule of the day is to exchange love notes which is “Valentine” through lovers

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