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    Canít Forget You . . .

    Have a life to live
    We have a heart to think
    We have hopes to fulfill
    And so much to give

    So many memories to remember
    So many to share with
    So many people to love
    And so much to forgive

    So many yesterdays have passed
    So many tomorrows will come
    So many tears to shed
    And a great soul to satisfy

    There are wounds and diseases
    Also there are friends who have
    Creative powers and so many sacrifices to
    Make and spread love and happiness

    Learning to live
    Listening to the truth
    And facing life
    Just have a look around
    Thereís sun shining around you . .
    ThanKss & Regard :

    " I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.. "



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