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    You have come to me from a distant land,
    Dreamer of dreams, to fill my hearts desire,
    Sweet music flowing from your nimble hand
    That plays within... to light my passion's fire.

    A symphony of word and thought you bring.
    Excitement builds upon crescendo's sound,
    Brought forth in tones to make my light heart sing
    For all the beauty that, with you, I've found.

    A life is changed in just an instant's time,
    All darkness fled before that brillaint sun
    That shines from spoken words of softest rhyme
    And speaks of treasures, only just begun.

    This mystic meeting gives my heart a glow
    That few have seen and only you will know.
    Plzzzzzzz HiT On If U like My Posts .....

    I WaNna Be d GuRl HeEz ScArEd To LoSe ....
    ThE OnE WhO He CaNt WaLk AwAy FrOm KnOwIn ShEeZ MaD At HiM.....ThE OnE WhO CaNt FaLl AsLeEp WiDoUt HeR VoIcE BeInG ThE LaSt OnE ThAt He HeArS ....
    ThE OnE He WoUlDeNt KnOw WhAtTa do WiThOut.....
    ThE OnE He CaNt PiCtUrE BeInG WiThOuT.



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