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    You are my sunshine,
    the glow of your face
    lightens up my world
    Can you feel the warmth we share?

    Like the ocean
    we flow in one direction
    breaking apart only
    when the current changes
    I break against the shores
    of change and your right
    there to catch me
    and steady my broken pace

    I cannot forget
    the way your eyes shine
    and move me to create
    worlds we've yet to see

    You are the poison
    I drink down, willingly
    no force could stop me
    cause in death,
    you are my ivory
    the stronghold I lean on,
    my eternal freedom
    and with the light you steal
    my world is dark
    with the color shone in it

    your wisdom melts my efforts
    and the candle burns out
    with the suffocation you produce
    army's take flight
    because your one touch
    threatens the peace
    they long to keep

    You are the messenger that
    Rocks my soul to sleep
    and In the night
    you protect me as I dream



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