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    It was dark ...thr were lights maybe in a radius of 4 ft*6ft

    Thr was a long hallway which sounded empty

    It just took me a second to realise it was actually empty

    How does it feel when u r the only person on the floor in the Office working

    How does it feel when there is nobody 2 talk to for 5 hrs

    How does it feel when u look for some noises around u but u find silence all over

    I found happiness in the flowing water ..Sadly i got 2 say it was restroom

    I found happiness walking through the corridor looking for something

    I was a detective for a moment

    I was an observer for a moment

    I was mad bull left on rage dashin in the hallway

    I was not myself at that moment but i had no choice

    I dint kno whether it felt good or bad

    I dint kno or i was more confused over my analysis of what i was at that moment

    It was a saturday morning and unlike everybody's sat morning

    I had a deserted sat morning.......Ya i worked from 2:30am to 11:30 am

    Thr i hear a noise which just faded away even before i could start searching

    Frankly speaking i dint have access to enter the adjoining room

    A stranger would have made a difference to me at this point

    But sometimes even a stranger is scary in the early morning in pitch silence

    Shielded around a concreter block

    Cushion Chairs


    Movie 2 watch

    A phone to talk

    Hot Cup of tea 2 drink

    Facilities existed but than Mindset never adjusted to any of these things.............

    i believed in ghosts

    i believed in telepathy

    i believed in everything that satanic and everything that seemed imaginary

    IT was A Sat Morning working All alone only left to stare at the lights or the dark halloway

    When my eyes were tired and begging to close

    But what can i do when i have work and closing my eyes would just end up closing me 4m my work

    Its never difficult to control sleep

    But its a pain to control sleep when u r alone

    I stared at the security camera

    Danced in front of the security camera

    Hoping ppl who see would think i m mad and rush me out of this deserted place

    But to my emotionless happiness i was there dancing to nowhere.........

    It was cold as the floor got cooler.......

    Sat morning where i could have happily dozed inside the warmth of my blanket at home

    I just beared the cold .....Kinda pushing it away from me

    Even those little chuckles of laughter which i heard where making me laugh

    For a moment i was wondering if i lost my mind and i have come to the wrong place...

    But a look around me made my mind clear i was just goin insane 2 an extent i could literally

    Feel Like running i dono where

    i dono why

    i wouldn wan2 think why

    i wouldn care as 2 why ,,,,

    Its a pain when u make urself laugh

    Its happiness for a sec tat u laughed

    Again the coldness of the surrounding re-appears.....

    It re-appeared and it re-appeared as i worked in my office on a saturday morning.

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    wow u wrote this

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    wid ya momma!!!!



    iyt iyt..............
    niGaZ wHyLliN!!

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    Thanks for sharing,nice one

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    thanks for sharing



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