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Thread: Coming Storm

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    Red face Coming Storm

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    Mirror image across the shore
    In a time, that is no more
    Traveled then by horse and cart
    On narrow paths now torn apart
    By 'progress' - that was said, must be!
    Fine with some - but not with me

    Broadland waters deep and still
    There beyond, the old windmill
    Tiny cottages cluster here
    In close comfort do appear
    Relieve the ache of loneliness
    As Norfolk adorns her sultry dress

    Skies now overcast and dark
    Thunder distant, lightning stark
    Swaying rushes in the tide
    Stillness looms as swallows hide
    Such is nature's imminent rage
    A squall, not seen here in an age

    Rainfall's ever quickening pound
    Now the only clattering sound
    Boatmen slowly upstream head
    Onwards to the boatyard shed
    The air so close and humid warm
    Retreats in haste from the storm

    Winds pick up, trees give way
    Countryside in disarray
    Swirling leaves dance helplessly
    Then all abates as suddenly
    As it arrived with all its force
    The summer's day - is back of course!

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    thanksss for sharing



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